Winter may not be the best time for growing plants, but it’s a great time for growing ideas and making plans for the new year. If you’re considering a garden redesign, here’s why winter is the best time to do it.

1. It beats going cold turkey!

For keen gardeners, being deprived of access to their garden is very difficult. In the depths of winter, there is often little to do with everything frozen and growth pretty much at a full stop. Not only that, the short days and long dark nights also limit the amount of time that can be spent gardening. If there’s any time of year when you might be able to accept having little access to your garden to allow work to take place, winter is it!

2. It’s better for your plants

Established bushes and shrubs or other plants that you are attached to will suffer least if they are uprooted and relocated in the winter, rather than at other times of year when they are actively growing. In winter, they will also be more compact, frequently pruned right back, and much easier to identify and move. You can also be sure that you won’t be disrupting any families of birds nesting in the undergrowth at this time of year.

3. It’s easier for the designer

Being asked to work on a quiet winter garden which isn’t a riot of greenery and flowers is much easier for the designers themselves. It allows them to instantly see what they have to work with and what features you want to keep or move without the boundaries or levels being confused by vegetation.

What’s more, if you start redesigning your garden in winter, you’ll have a brand-new garden to enjoy when spring rolls around! If you’re looking for a company specialising in garden design in Cheltenham, contact us today.