Summer is almost upon us and it’ll soon be time to enjoy garden parties, barbecues and relaxing in the sunshine (if we’re lucky!) If you’re looking to add some style to your summer garden this year, then now is the perfect time to start. Here are some ideas that will hopefully inspire you to create some spectacular designs.

1. Contrast various colours and shapes

We recommended limiting your palette as this allows you to focus more on what colours work well with each other. Try a minimalist approach with regards to colours to add a subtle elegance to your new space. If you want to create a “modern” garden, then it’s all about finding the perfect balance between traditional plants and water features/garden sculptures or angular designs. If you plan your garden well, it will result in a beautiful contrast of shapes and colours.

2. Fruits and vegetables

Growing your own fruit and vegetables has become increasingly popular over the last few years, especially with the “organic” boom. They are perfect for adding character to your space, since they often have vibrant beautiful colours. Try creating a flower bed to provide a great space to plant your vegetables.

3. Bring the indoors, outside

When you want to take full advantage of summer, a good idea is to incorporate outdoor living areas or awnings into your garden. Why not try stylish tables, cane furniture or even rattan furniture to add a stylish element to your summer garden? It’s the perfect addition to enjoying a summer dinner in the garden!

For information on garden design in Cheltenham, or how we can assist with maintenance, get in touch with us today and we’ll see how we can help! We look forward to hearing from you.