Admittedly life is full of variety as a Cheltenham landscape gardener, but one of my nearby compatriots seems to have ‘unearthed’ a new and potentially quicker way to create a crater in which to build a garden pond. I must admit that reading the article I did wince a couple of times as I read of that particular day’s course of events. Maybe I should be more careful as Stroud is not that far away, though only when I did some more research did I discover just how badly Cheltenham was bombed during the Second World War as well.

And what does that have to do with a fellow landscape gardener? Well while digging in the back garden of a property in Stroud back in 2011, he came across an unexploded bomb. As he put it, “At first I thought someone had kept it as an ornament, but it was really heavy and that’s what made me worry. It was the strangest and most alarming thing I’ve come across.”

“I hit the shell with the iron bar but didn’t think much of it,” the landscape gardener said in an apparent nonchalant manner. I am afraid to say that my reaction on discovering a bomb would not be to hit it with an iron bar, but run away as fast as possible, after making sure there was nobody left in any nearby property.I would hope so! However, it was not that comment that made me shudder, it was what he said next that made me wonder if there might not have been an opening for a new landscape gardener in Gloucester had things gone differently.

On the other side of the coin, this is actually quite a sobering reminder of our past history and how fortunate we are today not to have such events going on around us. According to an article in the Gloucestershire Echo “Cheltenham suffered its worst night of bombing during the Second World War on Wednesday 11 December 1940. At 7.20pm siting flares were dropped over the town and ten minutes later incendiary, high explosive and oil bombs fell, over 100 in total.”

Whatever plans you may have for your garden this year, if you are looking for a landscape gardener in Cheltenham I will always be happy to come over and visit you at a time most convenient for you, and perhaps we can have an informal chat about garden design and come up with some exciting ideas for you. All you need to do is give me a call here at Champier Clarke and invite me over – I’ll even bring a metal detector if you ask nicely!