Your garden and grounds can look a bit worse for wear at this time of year, especially after the excessively wet winter we have just endured. However, springtime is traditionally the time of year to get seriously busy and implement any projects you may have in mind, and where landscaping projects are concerned that require an experienced landscape gardener, Cheltenham’s Champier-Clarke Ltd should be your first port of call if you live in Cheltenham or within a 30-mile radius.

We are always delighted to work with ideas that you may have come up with, but you may find that we are able to add value and create a bigger impact through our years of experience which have enabled us to make the most of any landscaping environment. Understanding the changing seasons, the use of garden space and the need to provide a smoothly flowing tapestry of shapes and colours lies at the root (excuse the pun) of every successful landscaping project.

Our projects can include the creation of contours and undulations, ponds, woodland and gardens designed to attract and nurture wildlife. We can help create a garden that reduces the amount of maintenance required through to creating themed spaces, while designing gardens that work well for those with disabilities or who are wheelchair-bound give us tremendous satisfaction.

Working with nature is an incredibly satisfying and extremely rewarding especially when we are given the opportunity to return to long-term landscaping projects in Cheltenham. It is wonderful to see how what can initially look like a rather clinical design transform into a garden that looks as if it has been there forever. As a landscape gardener one of the greatest challenges is picturing how a garden will look in five years’ time, and not just tomorrow.
Every project we have been involved in is always begun with a telephone call, so if you have some ideas in mind for your garden and would welcome input for an experienced Cheltenham landscape gardener, please make sure you give us a call here at Champier-Clarke and we will be delighted to come out and meet you, discuss your plans and come up with some initial ideas for you totally free of charge