Time spent outdoors is a tonic for those of us who spend too much of our lives cooped up inside, with only a computer screen to keep us company. It gives us a chance to think and reflect more freely, without the modern distractions of radio noise, a blaring television screen, and the heat and clutter of a busy household.

But relaxing spaces are created, not simply found. If you’re trying to build a retreat from the rest of the world, here are three easy tips to help you transform your garden into that tech-free paradise.

#1: Building the foundations

To build a beautiful garden, you need to start from the bottom up, and this means getting your hands dirty, which is restorative in itself. Take the time to sit and think about the colours you want, settling on three or four to start with. Try to conjure a palette that you love, either because it’s aesthetically pleasing, relaxing, or simply because it incorporates all of your favourite shades. Then, take to the internet and do your research, choosing blooms that suit your scheme. Plant them along the borders of your home to soften stark lines and imposing masonry.

#2: Give yourself somewhere to sit

Being outside is always lovely, but it’s nicest when you have somewhere to sit and reflect or read a book, and this means that seating is essential. Find a pleasant area that will provide you with a good view of your garden, and try to make sure that it alternately offers shade and sunshine throughout the day. Whether you would prefer a simple wooden bench or a metalwork patio set, choose outdoor furnishings that look aesthetically pleasing in their setting.

#3: Add some ornamentation

Complete your retreat with some exquisite ornamentation. The style you go for will be entirely down to your personal preferences, but try to pick pieces that you find relaxing to look at, whether these are weathered stone troughs to plant with flowers, a simple fountain installation, or a mounted birdhouse to bring some small, sweet visitors to your garden. The overall finish should be pleasing to the eye and soothing to the senses.

Should you find yourself in need of a little inspiration, contact us today for garden design in Cheltenham. We offer both a partial and full design service to help you plan the perfect outdoor area.