When a company undertakes a green audit, they examine the effects they have on the environment and the potential damage they cause. Conducting an informal green audit on your own garden can help you maximise the eco-friendliness of your plot. If you’re hopeful that you’re impacting the environment in a positive way, then this 5 step audit can show you what you’re doing right.

Do you grow your own?

The more food you produce yourself, the more you reduce your food miles. Just a square metre plot can produce a surprising supply of vegetables and they can look ornamental in the flower bed, too.

Is your garden a wildlife paradise?

If you attract more insects and butterflies and other native species to your garden, you’re creating much needed bio-diversity that not only enhances your green credentials but leads to healthier and stronger blooms.

Are you a composter?

Many local councils run schemes where you can purchase a cheap and effective composter that can be used in even the smallest garden. Composting and recycling are simple and effective ways to boost your garden’s eco-friendliness. Make sure you install water butts where possible to collect precious rainwater.

Does your garden make you fit?

Invest in a wearable fitness tracker and use it whenever you’re in the garden. If your garden is helping you to cover the recommended 10,000 steps a day, then you’re getting fitter and healthier and reducing the burden on healthcare services.

How much time do you spend in your garden?

The more beautiful and calming the environment you create, the more you’ll want to spend time outdoors. When you’re relaxing in your garden, you’re not spending money and energy elsewhere which reduces your carbon footprint. Let Champier Clarke help you create a gorgeous garden design in Cheltenham and you’ll be happy in your eco-friendly garden all year round.