Some people think that the best garden for wildlife is completely undisturbed and allowed to become overgrown. This is not true. Some simple, attractive elements can be incorporated into lots of different garden designs and actively encourage wildlife to set up home in your backyard.


If you’ve enough space a few trees are ideal additions to the wildlife friendly garden. One tree can house thousands of insects, give birds a place to perch and nest, and, if a fruit bearing tree, provide food for birds, foxes and badgers – even deer depending on your location.


Choosing to create a hedgerow as a border instead of a fence provides far more food and shelter for insects, birds and animals of all kinds. Hedgerows can be made up of a variety of attractive plants to create different heights and widths according to your needs.

Climbing plants

If you stick with a fence or have a wall you can make it a little more wildlife friendly with a few climbing plants which will give any tiny creatures living there more cover. Ivy, Clematis and Roses may all fit the bill for the particular look you’re going for.

A wildflower meadow

You can set up a ‘meadow’ with an assortment of beautiful wildflowers which is as small or large as you like. Wildflower meadows sustain many insect species including caterpillars and so attract insect predators, from birds to hedgehogs. We can help plant the best mix of species to create a colourful spectacle for much of the year.

Water source

A pond or a feature bird bath? Many animals will gravitate to water, and we can discuss the best option for your circumstances if you would like to add this in.

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